PHD Scholarships In USA For International Students

PHD Scholarships In USA For International Students
  • PublishedJuly 1, 2024

Getting a PhD is an exciting path that opens many career doors. But, for international students, paying for it can be tough. Luckily, the USA has many scholarships to help them achieve their academic goals.

The US hosts some of the best universities globally. Even though education can be expensive here, many scholarships lessen the financial burden. These financial aids allow international students to give all their focus to their studies and research without worrying about tuition and living costs.

A PhD is a big deal. It’s the highest degree you can earn and shows a deep knowledge in your field. Those with a PhD are in high demand for important jobs and in education. But, completing a PhD requires full dedication, often making work outside the program hard to keep up with.

The financial challenges increase for international students with the added expenses of travel and currency changes. US PhD scholarships play a vital part in making advanced degrees more reachable for these students.

Key Takeaways : PHD Scholarships In USA

  • The United States is a popular destination for international students pursuing a PhD, offering top-tier universities and research opportunities.
  • Doctoral studies can be financially demanding, especially for international students, but various scholarship options are available to help mitigate the costs.
  • PhD graduates are recognized as experts in their field and are highly sought after for roles in administration, supervision, research, and higher education.
  • Scholarships, grants, and fellowships provide essential financial aid, enabling international students to focus on their studies and research without the added stress of covering tuition and living expenses.
  • For international students, PhD scholarships in the US can help address the challenges of currency changes and travel expenses, making a doctorate degree more accessible.

Funding Your Doctoral Journey: An Overview

Starting a doctoral program is exciting but also challenging financially. Yet, there’s good news – many fully funded PhD scholarships are available in the USA for global students. These scholarships cover tuition, offer a monthly stipend, pay for accommodation, health insurance, and provide for travel.

Access to these funded PhD scholarships means studying at renowned places like Yale, Harvard, Clark, and more. They remove money worries for international students, making it easier to chase their doctoral ambitions. They also help improve the US academic scene.

These scholarships offer about $1,500 monthly. This helps lead a comfortable student life. Plus, they cover tuition, place to stay, insurance, and travel, easing financial stress during your studies.

If you’re eyeing the best PhD programs or want to see what various scholarships are out there, the USA is full of chances. Grabbing these fully funded scholarship opportunities lets you excel in your research and studies without worry.

Scholarship Funding Inclusions Eligibility
AAUW International Fellowships Tuition, living expenses, and travel allowance Women pursuing doctoral degrees
Fulbright Foreign Student Program Tuition, living expenses, and round-trip travel Exceptional students and professionals
IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program Tuition, monthly stipend, and research expenses Outstanding doctoral students in STEM fields
Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellowships Stipend, housing, and research support Scholars conducting research on global issues
Schlumberger Foundation Fellowships Tuition, living expenses, and travel funding Women pursuing STEM-related doctoral degrees

These are just a few instances of the fully funded scholarship options in the USA. Don’t miss the chance to explore more funded PhD scholarship choices. It will help you start your doctoral journey confidently, free from financial concerns.

“The ability to pursue a doctoral degree without the financial constraints can be truly transformative, opening up a world of possibilities and allowing you to reach your full potential.”

AAUW International Fellowships

aauw international fellowships

The AAUW offers international fellowships to help women in academia. These awards range from $18,000 to $30,000. They support female graduate students worldwide in their US-based doctoral studies.

Applicants come from 140+ countries. Women need a bachelor’s degree and to be full-time students/researchers. They should have great English skills and an excellent academic history. It’s also important to plan on going back to one’s home country after the studies to share their knowledge locally.

Empowering Women in Academia

The AAUW Fellowship Program aims to aid women researchers. They focus on understanding the challenges of female peers in developing nations. By spotlighting these issues, the program helps work towards gender fairness in global higher education.

“The AAUW Fellowship Program is a transformative initiative that empowers women, female graduate students, and those researching the circumstances of women in global developing nations.”

The fellowships greatly benefit women in global developing nations. They provide the necessary support for women to excel as scholars and change-makers.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program, managed by the U.S. Department of State, is a top pick for overseas students. It gives them a chance to get a spot in doctoral programs in the U.S. This program hands out about 1,800 doctoral scholarships each year to brilliant international students.

To join, you need a top-notch bachelor’s degree. You must also be accepted by a U.S. grad school, show your academic excellence, and ace the GRE or GMAT. Lastly, a detailed curriculum vitae is a must.

The Fulbright program opens its doors to graduate students, young professionals, and artists from abroad. Annually, it awards around 4,000 foreign students with scholarships. This allows them to go deep into a PhD program, getting the full experience of American academic life and culture.

Yet, those who benefit from the Fulbright program need to head home for two years after their studies. This rule helps in sharing what they’ve learned and contribute to their local area. It also supports the flow of global ideas.

Key Requirements Fulbright Foreign Student Program
Degree First or upper second-class honors bachelor’s degree
Acceptance Accepted at an accredited U.S. graduate school
Academic Merit Demonstrated academic excellence
Exam GRE or GMAT exam
Document Comprehensive curriculum vitae
Post-Study Commitment Return to home country for at least 2 years

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is life-changing for international students. It boosts their academic and professional dreams in the U.S. It also promotes cultural sharing and global teamwork.

PHD Scholarships In USA: Top Destinations

Top universities in the US

The United States is a top choice for those wanting PhD scholarships. It has some of the best universities worldwide. These schools provide great chances to shape your academic future.

Stanford University Scholarships fully cover tuition, living expenses, and more for both master’s and PhD students. At Yale University, scholarships can go up to over $70,000 a year. For the average student, which exceeds $50,000, covering costs for their studies is a big deal.

The University of Hawaii and the East-West Center Fellowship offer students from Asia and the Pacific, including Russia, a full 24 months of tuition coverage. This applies to those wanting a master’s or PhD degree.

“Studying at a top American university with all expenses paid changes many lives for the better. It’s a dream for international students.”

These scholarships in the United States make it possible for students globally to pursue their academic dreams. They add to the dynamic mix of the student body across universities in the United States.

If you’re eyeing Stanford university scholarships, Yale University scholarships in the USA, or the East-West Center Fellowship at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. pathway is full of top-notch opportunities. It’s a chance to elevate your academic and career ambitions.

IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program

IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program

The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program is a top opportunity for doctoral students worldwide. It draws in top students in computer science, electrical engineering, cyber security, data analytics, and material sciences. The program is highly competitive, supporting research in these key areas.

Applicants need to be in their second year of a PhD program and live in a country not under U.S. sanctions. Candidates must also meet visa criteria. This fellowship offers critical funding and support for first-year graduate students. It opens the door to significant advancements in their research.

Unlocking Opportunities in STEM Fields

The IBM PhD Fellowship aims to support the best and brightest in STEM. It helps exceptional doctoral students launch their research. The goal is to foster tomorrow’s leaders and innovators in computer science, electrical engineering, cyber security, data analytics, and material sciences.

  • Competitive selection process that identifies the most promising doctoral candidates
  • Generous funding to support the research endeavors of first-year graduate students
  • Mentorship and guidance from IBM’s esteemed team of researchers and experts
  • Opportunities to collaborate with IBM’s global network of STEM professionals
  • Exposure to cutting-edge technologies and industry insights

This program propels exceptional doctoral students to the forefront of STEM advancements. It promotes innovation and discovery. In this way, it benefits society as a whole.

“The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program offers a unique chance for international students. It allows them to explore their doctoral dreams and enrich the thriving STEM community. It showcases IBM’s dedication to cultivating future innovators and leaders.”

Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellowships

kellogg institute

Since 1983, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies has welcomed global scholars. It offers the prestigious Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellowships to international students. These students aim to complete doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in the USA. The fellowships are a special chance for doctoral students and post-doctoral degree holders. They can work with experts and enhance their worldwide studies.

The University of Notre Dame is home to the Kellogg Institute in the USA. It is a vibrant place for research and sharing ideas. The Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellowships help scholars from around the world. They can be part of this energetic community. This leads to new friendships and helps them excel in their studies.

These fellowships are open to people from varied backgrounds. They focus on interdisciplinary global studies. Fellows work with Kellogg’s respected professors. They join research projects and have discussions that go beyond borders.

“The Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellowships have been instrumental in expanding my research horizons and providing invaluable mentorship from leading scholars in my field. It has been a truly transformative experience.”

Dr. Sophia Fernandez, 2021 Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow

The Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellowships attract top doctoral students and post-doctoral degree holders worldwide. This builds a strong global network of scholars. The Kellogg Institute is at the forefront of interdisciplinary research. It shapes the future of academic studies worldwide.

For more details on the Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellowships and the research opportunities available, visit the Kellogg Institute for International Studies website.

Schlumberger Foundation Fellowships

Schlumberger Foundation Fellowships

The Schlumberger Foundation strongly supports women in STEM. They offer the prestigious Faculty for the Future Fellowship. This provides big financial help to women doing advanced study in science, tech, engineering, or math.

With the Schlumberger Foundation Fellowships, these bright minds get up to $50,000 a year for a PhD and $40,000 for postdoctoral study. This support is available each year. It lets women from anywhere work on their academic and research goals. This helps grow the number of female leaders in STEM.

“The Schlumberger Foundation believes that empowering women in STEM is crucial for driving innovation and progress. Through the Faculty for the Future Fellowship, we are proud to support the aspirations of exceptional female doctoral and post-doctoral candidates, helping them realize their full potential.”

If you want to apply for these fellowships, you must be from a developing country. You need to have an acceptance to a university for a PhD or postdoctoral program. And you must be committed to advancing women in STEM. The competition is tough. The foundation looks at your grades, leadership skills, and the impact of your research.

The Schlumberger Foundation believes in supporting bright minds in STEM. Their Faculty for the Future Fellowships offer a helping hand to PhD and postdoctoral women. By investing in these scientists and technologists, they help make the world better and more equal for women in science. This is thanks to the Foundation’s strong support.

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The United States is a top place for international students looking for PhD scholarships. Schools like Stanford and Yale offer many options. These include the IBM PhD Fellowship and the Schlumberger Foundation Fellowships.

These programs help with money and open doors for students. They can study at leading universities. They work with top scholars and grow their careers, no matter their field.

International students can follow their goals of getting a US PhD with less worry about money. Many scholarship types fit different academic and research dreams. This is true in the sciences, humanities, and more.

Exploring US PhD scholarships will show students the rich educational landscape. They will find support for their goals and meet vibrant academic communities. With the right scholarship, they can start their PhD journey supported. They receive resources to reach their dreams and influence their fields.


Q: What are the eligibility criteria for PHD scholarships in the USA for international students?

A: To qualify for PHD scholarships in the USA for international students, applicants must be students pursuing a degree equivalent to a USA doctorate program. Additionally, students must be from developing countries and may need to meet specific requirements set by the scholarship provider.

Q: How can international students apply for funded PHD scholarships in the USA?

A: International students can apply for funded PHD scholarships in the USA by researching fellowship opportunities and directly contacting universities or organizations offering such scholarships. It’s important to carefully review the application guidelines and deadlines before submitting an application.

Q: Are there specific scholarships in the USA for Indian students pursuing PHD programs?

A: Yes, there are scholarships specifically designed for Indian students looking to pursue PHD programs in the USA. These scholarships may be offered by universities, government programs, or private organizations seeking to support Indian scholars in their academic endeavors.

Q: What are some top universities in the USA offering scholarships for PHD students?

A: Some of the top universities in the USA that offer scholarships for PHD students include Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California – Berkeley, and Princeton University, among others.

Q: How are scholarships in the USA for international students awarded?

A: Scholarships in the USA for international students are typically awarded based on academic merit, research potential, financial need, and other specific criteria set by the scholarship provider. The selection process may involve submitting essays, recommendation letters, and undergoing interviews.

Q: Can international students in the humanities apply for PHD scholarships in the USA?

A: Yes, international students studying humanities disciplines can also apply for PHD scholarships in the USA. There are specific scholarships available for students pursuing research in areas such as literature, history, philosophy, and other humanities fields.

Q: How many doctorate scholarships are available to international students in the USA?

A: There are approximately 4000 doctorate scholarships available to international students in the USA. These scholarships cover various disciplines and are offered by different universities, organizations, and government bodies to support the academic pursuits of international scholars.

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